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February 2010
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As many others are posting about, we’re starting to see a bit of a lull in the community.. Or well, at least from the bloggers/etc. that have been around a while. I know that new blogs pop up all the time and I’m very excited each time we read through the new blogs on TNB. I understand generally what is going on. What is there to write about? Most of the “guides” and “tutorials” and such will be obsolete within 8 months (ostensibly) when Cataclysm comes out. In addition, many people are finding that they just aren’t interested in whatever they can currently do in game. Whether it’s because their Guild is all taking a “hiatus” or they just don’t like dailies or instances or raids or whatever.

For some reason though, even if I have a ton of other games to try/play/etc., I still find myself drawn back into WoW. (And just can’t get into STO no matter how hard I try to do it) I put myself into the daily pug run. I run it on a bunch of my alts (this can take some time). While waiting for a group, I do a few quests I still haven’t done (Most of my alts have whole zones to do still). I leveled my Warlock to 65 now and while I’m not pushing very hard to move her up, I’d like to get her to 68 and OUT of Outland.. 😛

My Rogue is still 71 and I’d really like to see him at 80 prior to Cataclysm. Most of this is all because of the professions.  Right now, the Rogue is the only “main” crafter I have (one that has crafts maxxed that other toons don’t) that isn’t 80. Leveling him up will give me a bunch of enchanting mats and make doing the daily JC quest much easier. I have all these motivations to play!

WoWScrnShot_021610_190757 Oh, and I’m still raiding. Our raiding group still has a long way to go. We’re getting there.. We still need gear it seems and some changeups of strategy maybe. I have a good time with the group (even though we are mostly silent on vent).. I’m trying to convince those without mics (or who refuse to use them) to use Ventrilo Text-To-Speech. I’ve set up some funny ones I pop at opportune moments during the raid.. I even made one for the Rotface fight that says “The Oozes are Coming! The Oozes are Coming! Run for your lives!” that I pop when the big ooze is gonna blow!

So, I think what I am saying is that, although there are definitely parts of the game I find stale, I can still get in and find plenty to do that I enjoy. Time still seems to fly by and I find myself wanting more of it for all the OTHER things I want to do.  But WoW keeps calling me back in. Take a break? I could.. I did that in Vanilla and missed out on raiding all together. No, this time I’ll stick with it and be ready when Cataclysm comes along.. 5 Levels on 7 toons? Easy peasy.. 😛