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February 2010
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Below the Belts

It was a pretty busy day, yesterday. New content was released including a new boss in VoA and a new wing, and the final encounter with the Lich King, in ICC. No, we didn’t get to see the Lich King.. But we did check out the new VoA boss. Not too shabby. Pretty easy fight, for us at least.. You have to kill little frozen balls that attack people in the raid. He also does some area wide freeze the floor and cause damage. But, in general, it’s just another tank and spank. You get 2 Emblems of Frost from the kill and I actually picked up a new PvP belt that was better (in most ways) than the PvE belt I was still wearing. I had just been eyeing the new belts in the Emblem of Frost store since my belt was one of my lowest level pieces of gear. So, I laughed when I got the PvP one which was an upgrade.

Next, we moved on to the main event for the evening, ICC10. We had no problems with the first wing, as usual. I got ANOTHER belt from one of these bosses and it turned out to be even BETTER than the PvP one I got.. Now I just have to buckle and gem it. When we got up to the ramparts where you pick up the ship we got a surprise. Some dude with a quest!! The quest we got was do kill this decaying frost giant on the other end of the ramparts.

We wandered over there and accidentally pulled him AND the group that was wandering by him at the time. After that wipe (yes, this guys is actually pretty difficult), we regrouped but while the RL was screaming at ppl to back up, we pulled him again , even before buffs. After running back in from THAT wipe, we finally got the strategy down and got HIM down too. One of the biggest things is that if you get the plague you need to go to someone who hasn’t recently had it supposedly. All in all, it was a pretty fun fight once you got the hang of it and you get 5 Emblems of Frost and a decent amount of gold for turning in the quest.

Otherwise we did pretty decently on Festergut (I don’t remember if we one shot or two shot him) and while RotFace took a few more tries, we got him down eventually. We took a couple shots at Putricide, but ended up calling it since people had to leave.

Tonight we might get a different weekly ICC quest since we’re going in 25 man instead of 10.. I say “might” because we might just get the same one again. Other than that, I am still playing Mass Effect 2 and the new podcast, Polygamerous is going awesome. We just pushed out our 10th episode and it’s a doozy!

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