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January 2010
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Randomization Du Jour

Last night was all about Heroics. I didn’t have all that much time to play since Monday night is Polygamerous night. First thing I did was log in to Fizz and join the LFG for the Random Heroic. I was on my way to pick up reagents when it hit and I teleported forgetting to pick them up.. It was VH so I figured it really didn’t matter.. I buffed peeps manually and nobody seemed to need food. The instance went pretty smoothly. Oh, I swapped specs to Frost again too. With the new Glyph, having the constant Elemental is really cool (no pun intended.. well, maybe a little bit). I did decent enough damage and really rocked the meters (considering my gear) on AOE .. 😛

Afterwards, I tried the same on my Paladin, Furis. He’s still running stuff Ret specced for 2 reasons.. 1) He needs better tanking gear before tanking in a heroic.. 2) I really have no idea (nor experience obviously) tanking. So, I joined this group and the random was HoL.. Well, we got through the first boss without any incident and a nice belt dropped (Plate DPS, but hey, it was an upgrade). Things broke down even before getting to the 2nd boss. We kept wiping at the mobs just up the stairs because the tank pulled pretty much all of them at the same time and couldn’t seem to hold aggro. After the 3rd wipe, I think, the tank, healer and one of the DPS dropped and that was that.

Later that night I got to do a daily heroic for real and get my Paladin his gold and emblems. Next part of ICC comes out today. What’s the chance that things will be working correctly? What is the chance ppl will even be able to get into the raids at all? Ah well. We shall see. Good luck out there.

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