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December 2009
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Lets Go … Kite

Yes, I was away on Vacation. No, that’s not really why the blog wasn’t updated.. 😛 .. But I have a post ! Right now!

One of the things that has re-emerged with the ICC raid is the need for CC on the Saurfang fight in the first wing. The “dogs” you have to deal with are not supposed to touch anyone in the raid so they need to be CCed while they are burned down. Last night I was invited into our groups 25man raid that was sitting on this fight (having been away I had missed the other fights).  We actually one-shotted him on this try and it seems a lot of the fight is this CC.. In fact what is used most is a skill that Hunters have almost universally forgotten about.. KITING! Yes, the best way to keep these beasties off of people as they are gunned down is to employ a large number of Hunters. Distracting shot when it is up and concussion and traps, etc.. Anything to slow down the mob so it can be killed away from anyone else. Run away, shoot, spin, etc…

Of course, in this fight (the 25 man one) I wasn’t required to kite. We had a bunch of other hunters with us and I pretty much just DPSed the heck out of stuffs. But then, we came back on 10-man. This was actually an “alt” run for most everyone else. I brought my hunter at request of the RL and we proceeded to one-shot all the bosses up to the final one. We did wipe on him, but I think it was only once. I did get to kite for that one, since I was the only hunter. I used my trap, I used my concussive shot, I used my distracting shot.. It was great! My DPS sucked monkey balls, but I had a really good time in the fight.

What else is coming up? Well, I’ve heard that running the Random Dungeon in TBC (I have a 63/64 warlock) is a great way to get XP and goodies. I’ll have to give it a try when I get a chance.

Polygamerous is still going strong and we have completed 4 episodes and our last for this year will be recorded tonight at 8:30pm PST at the Gaming Studio Network Ustream channel. We’ll be talking about 2009. If you want us to mention YOUR favorite game tonight, email to info@polygamerous.com or.. twitter a reply @fimlys or @polygamerous with your game of the year!

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