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November 2009
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Random Dungeon is Random

Before I get into what we did on the PTR Monday night, I just want to say that I got my whole outfit for Pilgrim’s Bounty. Actually, it really isn’t hard. You just have to do 3 dailies and you get the Hat, Boots and one of the chest pieces.. Just remember you don’t need all of them AND they can’t be mailed… So..

Monday I logged into the PTR and was joined by Lissanna of Restokin and Daewin of The Hunting Lodge Podcast. Liss was a Rest druid (at least on the PTR she was) and Dae, of course, was a hunter. I was logged in with Fimlys, so I was a hunter also. We waited around for some more peeps to show up, but were out of luck. We decided to try to put ourselves on the new LFG for the new instance (Forge of Souls I think) but got no hits (we joined as a group). We then decided to try out the Random Dungeon interface and put ourselves up there.  After a few minutes we were joined by a Bear Druid and a Shaman ( elemental I think ). We were ported directly to Utgard Keep and proceeded to wipe the place clean. During the run, we tried out the DE selection on the Need/Greed/etc. roll thing and it worked flawlessly.

So, we cleared the place and stepped out of the instance.. And we were back where we all started. I think that is going to be very awesome and beneficial for those “I just want to go run SOMETHING” nights. So anyway, I am a big fan of the interface for that and the ability it gives you. We got our 2 Emblems of Frost but I don’t think any of us got any additional rewards from doing the Random instance.

Continuing raiding, etc. on Draenor. We’ve been having issues, at least last night we did, with Faction Champs on ToGC 10. We got a really bad combination and just can’t get it down. I’m sure we’ll try again this week. I think tonight is Heroic 25 man.. We’ll see how far we get in that too..