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November 2009
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Trial of the Grumpy Crusader

Haven’t had much WoW news to offer lately. We’ve been doing our normal 10-man runs and get through those without problem. For 10-man ToGC we’ve gotten TO Anub, but not killed him yet. Last night, though, I got to be there for the 25-man ToGC attempt.. Just have to say it is very frustrating. While the feeling of exhilaration is great when you finally do get a boss down, the weariness that descends when you have to “try again” over and over and over and over just isn’t fun. I understand people wanting things to be difficult, I just think that having the same bosses, just harder without much in the way of new mechanics doesn’t appeal to me. (I’m not sure I got all those commas in the right places, but pretend I did) I prefer the feeling of tying to do my personal best in an encounter that is less of a drag than wipe again and again. Just my 2 cents.

Anyway.  So, yeah, we went into 25-man ToGC and proceeded to wipe repeatedly. Finally, luck went our way with the Northrend Beasts and Icehowl stomped before he enraged and smashed into the wall and we downed him in the last seconds before he wiped the floor with us. We were very excited. The upgraded Druid boots dropped, but I was out-rolled. Ah well, they really aren’t a HUGE upgrade from the non-heroic versions anyway. I also didn’t win the trophy.. We spent a large amount of time of Jaraxxus, but to no avail. He wiped pretty quickly on each attempt at least.. 😛

So, that was my night last night. Oh! I picked up Gyromancer on Steam. Been enjoying it quite a bit. It’s a cross between Bejewed Twist and Puzzle Quest. Fun so far!

That’s all I have for today. Don’t forget, we’re still collecting for Child’s Play with Azeroth United’s Hearts, Hands and Voices Charity Event. We’re up to > $6k and shooting for $10k!! Get the word out and don’t forget to donate! A $10 minimum donation gets you entered into a drawing for fabulous prize packages and $20 or more gets you into running for even better lootz! Do a great thing for kids in hospitals around the world and also have the possibility of winning something for yourself! Use the Chip-In you see in the sidebar here or head to http://www.azerothunited.com/HHV for more information.