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November 2009
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The Late Bird Gets the Trophy

Just a quick “I gotz lootz” story for ya. So, I showed up to our 25man ToC run a little late last night (Wife got in late from the airport) and, amazingly enough, they had saved a spot for me. The Northrend Beasts were already down (no leather loot, whew) and we were just about to start Jaraxxus. Badabing, Badaboom, he’s dead. Of course, every boss drops their little Trophy along with a bunch of da lootz. We do trophy rolls first for all but the last boss and, since I still need tier gear upgrades, I rolled.  Now, usually when I roll I get an 18 or a 42 or, on rare occasions, a 74 (but still lose of course). What did I roll? 100!!!  Woot! Sometimes it pays to be the late bird, eh?

After we finished up ToC25 we ran over to Ony and took her down a notch as usual. It was very sad because the Mage helm dropped and, of course, my mage was nowhere to be found .. Boooo.  He could really have used the upgrade probably. Of course, he has the engineering helm, but I think he could probably do without that if necessary.

I think I’m planning on trying to be in the PTR on Monday at the latest with the TNB group. If you want to join us, we are on Broxigar/Alliance. We have a guild (Twisted Nether) and just do a who on that to see if anyone is on. I want to try out that new instance and supposedly loot is actually dropping now! So, anyway.. Yeah, no screenshot today. I was a slacker. Enjoy the random and rare no-image post by Fimlys.. 🙂 Have a good day!