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October 2009
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10 Grand: Progress

Back with an update on our progression through ToGC10.. This week on Tuesday we started it and managed to get the Northrend Beasts down and then fail repeatedly at Jaraxxus. We went back in last night and managed to get through Jaraxxus, Faction Champions (we one-shot this!), and Val’kyrs. We stopped at that point, so we don’t KNOW if we could have gotten the last boss. It was pretty late and it made sense to call it there. What did I manage to pick up through all that wonderful downing of bosses? Um.. A Crusader Orb.. Woot.. Um.. I think.. 🙂

Of course, you do get all the badges, etc. I really need to upgrade more of my parts and pieces. I even put together one of the recipes that drops in ToC, some Leather SP bracers, for Fyra. She really needed them.  Now I have to upgrade her cloak and other things.

We have been running into the PTR every Monday night, so if you are interested.. Oh, we won’t be there THIS coming Monday since we are having a live Azeroth United show to talk to Kristin Lidsay of Child’s Play. So head on over to the site to read more about it! But, we might be hanging out on the PTR on Tuesday instead or maybe even this coming Friday! Watch on Twitter for information!

That’s it! Tonight we’re recording TNB, so not much playing (if any at all). Talk to u soon!

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