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October 2009
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Horseman Sans Head

Last night we did our normal raids, ToGC10 (tried.. LAG killed us so many times on Jaraxxus that we quit), ToC10 (no lag in here.. odd), Ony10. Did I get anything? Not really. I picked up the Bag on Ony (my Druid still needed it.. woot!). Then we got a group together to go behead the already headless horseman.

I brought my mage. Yeah, he’s a scrub, but not really for this fight. It’s a pretty easy fight even with a couple of scrubs compared to the decked out toons the others brought that it was almost boring. (They should have a heroic mode of these with even better loot)… My mage did pick up one of the rings which was an upgrade (woot!). We then swapped about and I brought in my Priest. He picked up a ring too, although it wasn’t as much of an upgrade and it was for the mage. I healed the run, but it was almost unnecessary.

Other than that, we’re still moving forward with our Charity Event for Azeroth United.. If you haven’t checked it out yet, go for it. We’re really excited about this new community and are looking for help with not just this event but also ideas and suggestions for other things the community can do together.

I also spent a couple minutes running to a few more candy buckets with my Warlock.. About 15 more and I think she’ll level.. 😛

Additionally, we are starting a Halloween themed multi-podcast giveaway called It Came From the Podcast! Go check it out. 4 different podcasts including TNB are combining up and giving away a Figureprint along with other prizes! Go check it out.

That’s all I got today. Hopefully I’ll keep up the posting.. Maybe even come up with something more interesting tomorrow.. Maybe….

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