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September 2009
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I’m A’nub 25


We’ve gotten the final boss in ToC done in 10-man a few times now. Both on our normal run and on our alt run. However, we still haven’t downed him in our 25. Timers/Lack of DPS seem to be causing us additional pain. I’m sure a few more weeks of tries and we’ll get it down, but our raid schedule has definitely been nerfed. We raid less days a week and we have no ULD run (although I think we are going to start doing a 25 again soon).   I’d like to try to take my Mage and/or Priest in somewhere to get them geared up, but I’ve just been lazy.

Well, that and also playing Champions Online. I’ve gotten my “tanky” Might based hero up to level 21 and have been having a lot of fun. The world doesn’t seem to be as HUGE as WoW was when it was first released (only 3 zones that I know of right now).  I still haven’t participated in whatever the “Nemesis” stuff is and haven’t grouped up much to do anything (I’ve been painfully soloing the 2/3 person quests).. But, I have to say I have been having fun! Do I think this would replace WoW as my “primary” game? No. Not by a  long shot. But it is a nice diversion when I feel I need time away. Oh, and went back last night and played an entire game of Civ Revolution on my PS3 and got a Domination Victory.. 😛 Woot!

Oh. And I’ve been working hard on a super super secret new project that is really exciting! Hopefully more information soon!