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September 2009
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Trial of the Crusader – Anub’arak (Final Boss)

We’re back for the final installment of the Non-Heroic semi-guide to the Trial of the Crusader, the 10/25 man Raid introduced in Patch 3.2. This post talks about the final boss, Anub’arak. After starting up the final segment, you get a bit of “talk” (I won’t spoil it for you) and then you are dropped down into a pit with water in it. You have a chance to rebuff/eat/etc. but you cannot get out until you defeat the boss (except for porting/hearthing I guess).  Bring repairbots if you can and repair before starting it up. Even when you die, you come back falling into the pit at this point.
For information about this boss in general (like loot tables and abilities) go check out mmo-champion.

Ok. Hints and tips for this boss.

  • Ignore the “Yellow” crawlies just before the boss, they go away when you aggro the boss.
  • If you are DPS, make a macro to target the Frost Sphere and shoot/cast them down. You want to blanket the area with them leaving places for your raid to walk around though
  • Tanks should tank him as much as possible on the frosty ground. It keeps him from submerging (supposedly)
  • When he DOES submerge, he will “follow” someone and try to hit them with his spikes. Kite him to a frozen ground patch and he will “hit his head”. After a few of these he will re-emerge
  • Final Phase… At 30% he “enrages” and does a AOE life drain to the whole party. Healers have to be on the ball for this and all DPS should concentrate on taking the boss down ASAP. We didn’t at the time, but you should save heroism/bloodlust for this part of the fight.

That’s pretty much it (dunno about changes because of 25 man yet.) After you kill him there will be a couple people outside the back of that room. One is a mage that ports you back to dalaran (no other way out!). You have also unlocked the Trial of the Grand Crusader raid. Let me tell you, it is difficult.. I think we need more dps.

Here are a couple changes we found just in the first boss of the first boss set. Fires.. They do a DoT now.. (or at least a significant one compared to before).  Stuff, in general, takes longer to kill and if you don’t finish it on a pretty short clock, the next bosses come out (Jormungars).. ARGH! We missed the timing on all of our wipes. Oh, and you get 50 tries a week. Although for the first few wipes there was a problem and we lost 2 attempts instead of 1.