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August 2009
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Trial of the Crusader – Twin Val’kyrs (Boss 4)

Next up, ToC10 Twin Val’kyrs. I can’t give hints for this fight in 25 since we didn’t have time to try it in 25 yet. But It’s actually not as bad at is seems in 10 man anyway. Once you get the hang of the rotation. Here is the information from MMO-Champion. Go check it out and come back. Ok.. This is mainly for DPS. Tanks just tank em and healers just heal everyone :).. The main point of the whole fight is to make sure you kill the shield before the Twin’s Pact can be cast (15 sec)
  1. They share a health pool
  2. From our run, the Black one seems to get the Shield Buff first, so all DPS should start with her. (or maybe it’s just who has been DPSed the most recently)
  3. Tank both of them on opposite sides of the room (left/right)
  4. Right click a portal of the OPPOSITE color than the Val’kyr you are fighting.
  5. Try to pick up orbs (just run over them) of the same color as your ground aura (same color as the portal you clicked)
  6. DPS the Boss (while doing #4)
  7. Surge of * : If you have DBM this will be announced (hopefully). You want to make sure your aura is the same color as the Val’kyr that is doing the Surge. After the surge, go back to the color you were on if you switched.
  8. Every so often, one Val’kyr (hopefully the one you are DPSing) will get a Shield and start casting Twin’s Pact. You need to do a lot of damage to the shield to remove it before the 15 sec. cast time on pact is up. If you don’t they heal themselves and this is bad.
  9. After the pact is interrupted, switch colors and targets (start at step 4 above)

Repeat this until they are D.E.A.D… Collect the Lootz.

If anyone has any additional hints or tips for this fight either email them to me or just add a comment here. Thanks and good luck!


P.S. Oh.. When we did the ToC10 Run this week it was Hunter Lootz galore! I got:

And then I noticed I had enough Emblems of Triumph (you get 3 for EACH boss in ToC.. CRAZY!) to buy the Dexterous Brightstone Ring! Of course, now I have to gem and enchant and such. The armbands are done ( I am leatherworker, can do them myself).


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