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Blizzcon Bound

Sorry about the lack of updates lately. I tried to slake your thirst by putting up those guides on ToC.  They are both fine for 10 AND 25 man, so maybe I should have changed the titles.. Ah well.  I’ll try to write one up tomorrow detailing hints and tips for the next boss in the sequence. Then.. Thursday, I am off to LA for Blizzcon! I’ll be there until Sunday, but I will “hopefully” be able to get a couple posts in while I am there.. If not, well, you can see what I am up to by following @FimBlizzcon on Twitter (or just clicking that link I think.. maybe…).

What have I been doing when I haven’t been writing little hint/tip guides? Well, just the normal raiding action. We’ve been doing Uld10/Uld25/ToC10/ToC25/etc.. We’ve been back into Heroics too. They go so much faster than they used to. Not sure why.. 😛

I’ve geared up Fyra so well, in general, that I’ve been pushing to take Fimlys (I know!) to more of the “main” raids and drag Fhuun in if possible on the alt runs. While I am sure there are one or two pieces that Fyra can use, the other can use them more.  After the 3.2 patch, I noticed a definite bump in Beast Master DPS. I’m pretty sure, but not positive, that he is doing better damage now than Fyra is (and she has better gear). I got enough Emblems of Conquest to pick up some pants and neck to replace some ilvl 200 items he still had. He still has a few more to replace, but I’m hoping stuff drops in the raids.

So, I won’t be playing wow Thurs-Sat nights, but I will be spending lots and lots of time talking about it! If you are going to be at Blizzcon or live in the Anaheim, CA area (near disneyland), come to our (TNB) Meetup on Friday night. Details are behind the link back there..

That’s all I got tonight, head back here sometime tomorrow and I’ll hopefully have the post about boss 3 in ToC! Later!

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