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August 2009
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Semi-Guide – Trial of the Crusader

So, we tried out Trial of the Crusader 10man.. (So do we call this ToC now.. or is that the 5-man?.. Maybe ToC10?).. Not really knowing anything about the encounters.. So, having beat it (woot!), at least the first section of bosses that they let you play now.. I’ve come up with some Tips.. This isn’t a listing of the abilities of the bosses, etc.. You can find that elsewhere.

There are 3 waves of “Northrend Beasts”, which I guess is the first of the available fights in here.  The waves are: Gormok, Acidmaw and Dreadscale and IceHowl.  I’ll put tips for each of them.

  1. Gormok – This is a big centaur looking dude (forget what they are called) like the ones in Borean Tundra.
    • Stay out of the fires (duh)
    • There are 3 segments to this fight.
      1. Tank boss, attack boss, avoid fires on the floor.
      2. Tank boss, Adds jump down, there are 4 of them (in 10 man). They jump ONTO a player. Kill them asap
      3. After all adds are down, this is just tank and spank. No more fires, no more adds
    • Stay out of the fires (still)..
  2. Acidmaw and Dreadscale
    • Acidmaw does a poison that slowly petrifies you. This can be removed by being close to the debuff Dreadscale does..
    • Dreadscale does a fire debuff that is a LONG DoT and does a lot of damage. To remove it, go to the green circles that Acidmaw leaves (might be able to get it off from someone with the poison too, I don’t remember)
    • One of them is stationary and the other is roving.  This swaps every so often.
    • They should die close to the same time since the other enrages when you kill the first.
    • Good time to swap DPS is when they switch.. DPS the stationary one all the time until one or both are close to dying.
    • Healers should watch people with the fire debuff especially.  They take a TON of damage.
    • Spread out so that less people get the debuffs at a time (they are ranged.. They spit them I guess)
  3. IceHowl
    • Does frost damage
    • Spread out to avoid everyone getting hit by the ice trap breath at the same time..
    • Tank him where you can, but the wall is good since he does a knock back.
    • Every so often he will jump to the center and do an AoE stomp
      • When this happens everyone is damaged
      • And shot back against the wall unable to move.
      • He will target a single player and look at them
      • Soon, you will be free to run (with a speed boost!)
      • If you are targeted run to either side (not forward!) quickly. If you are NEAR the person targeted run away too.
      • If he hits the person (or anyone else).. They WILL DIE and he gets an enrage bonus
      • If he misses everyone (which should happen every time.. this is really easy) he gets stunned.. (Good time for Heroism/Bloodlust)
    • Once you get the hang of this, it’s pretty easy. Healers make sure people are topped off since the AoE stomp does a nice bit of damage sometimes.

Whats next? Take your loot!  WOO HOO!  Hope this helps peeps. Good luck!