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August 2009
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The 3.2 Blues

So yeah, patch 3.2 hit live yesterday (like I predicted on the show). Things weren’t actually so bad.. Well, except for the lag.. Oh, and the broken addons (although fixes for those are showing up quickly).. Did I mention the lag?

So, I logged in, got my addon situation squared away as best I could (barring new versions, some had to be turned off) and then we ran through the daily heroic.. Which just happened to be Oculus. Bah! It went pretty well actually. We wiped once on the last boss because not everyone knew we had to “run away!” from the globes when he goes all translucent.. BOOOM!  We actually almost got him down (since we all fell down to the ledge we were over when we dismounted), but wiped at the last 10k or something annoying like that.

After we were done and I was 2 Emblems of Triumph richer (woot!), we tried to get into Ulduar10.. Well, it seems that this was also the time the server was going to take a big dump and just leave us all completely lagged out with nothing but chat to keep us company. The HORROR!. While waiting I made up some Blizzcon cards for TNB and talked on vent a bit. Oh, they changed the achievements for # of emblems to a homogenized version (first badge, 5 badges, 10 badges, etc.. Or something like that).

By far the most annoying broken addon was ArkInventory, I rely on that all the time. I see all the new updates coming fast and furious though, so things should be back to “normal” soon.. I didn’t get a chance to do any of the other new things that are going on except to pick up the Northrend orphan quest. Haven’t done any of it yet. Ooh, and while waiting I also logged into my warlock and got her flying! It is so much faster now.. I don’t feel like I am crawling through the air anymore.. woot!

That’s it. I assume we will again try to go into Ulduar tonight. I suppose we will just have to see.