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July 2009
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1 Class or 2 Races?

FimTwitter I posed this question in Twitter today:

Would you prefer 1 new Hero Class or 2 New Races?

Obviously I’m asking this in relation to the next expansion pack to WoW.

Here are the responses I got back, have an opinion? Leave it here below and use the new poll on the right.. There will be no option for BOTH or NEITHER.  I don’t believe that Blizzard will give us both (although you never know) and I am pretty sure they have to give us at least one or the other. They have specified previously that they would like to have more Hero Classes….

  • @molsan : 2 new races
  • @Stardancerelf : That is a great question! I would take Fighting Monks over anything else.
  • @PixelExecution : oooh, I’m on the fence about that one. New races bring in new starter areas, but new hero classes make interesting raid options.
  • @runycat : I want there to be playable dinosaurs
    • Or even dragons. There are enough faildragons in WoW that we might as well play them. Look human, shapeshift into DAGRON <i think she meant dragon>
  • @aggrojunkie : Races if one is Murloc. Hero class if it’s “Master of Cheese”.
    • But seriously, new profession should be woodworking. Able to make bows, staves, and polearms.
  • @kestrelsaerie : 2 new non-hero classes: bard & monk
  • @abbort : two more races definitely. ( Excited that ST:TOR will have unique quest lines for all classes, btw)
  • @brokenbyclouds : 1 new hero class, specifically a healer hero class.
  • @greyseer : HC if demon hunter, races otherwise. Question: what will be the big draw if xpac3 has neither?
  • @Arrens : If they did a Bard, I sear to God, I’d have mine singing all sorts of Buffett songs walking through Orgrimmar.
  • @psynister : Hero Class, but only slightly and only because I hate DK’s so much.
    • (supports @aggrojunkie on woodworking profession)
  • @tedkulp : Hero class. A healer type would be great.
  • @illusionnotchaos : new races, definitely. We don’t need a new flavor of the month class.
  • @talitalana : new races (with new starting zones and lore)
  • @greyemashe : I think there’s going to be a new hero class, a caster/healer. I don’t see new races coming anytime soon.

And that is just from the first few minutes.. 🙂  Thanks to everyone that participated!