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July 2009
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Night Has Fallen

Two nights ago, we worked on Ulduar 25.. We did alright. First area down pretty easy. We had a few issues with IC and then took a few tries for Kologarn. Moving on, we failed against the crazy cat lady for some reason, went back and failed against IC a few more times too.. So, 5 bosses down, which isn’t so bad for a mostly-pug.. :)   After that, I was hanging out when our crew raid leader asked if I wanted to try Sarth10-3D. Sure! We did the “zerg” method and a few tries in got him to 45k.. wiped.. Then a few more and 9k!!!! We thought we had it.. We had it!! Um.. “immune”?  Yeah, ran out of time.. Second dragon was down and it was.. a wipe. Then about 13 or 14 tries in from the beginning, nobody died and we beat the timer (2nd drake) by a mile!  Down went Sarth and Fyra is now of the Nightfall..  We were all very excited. I didn’t get the drake mount (but that’s alright), but it was a lot of fun!

Nightfall_071309_024436Last night we went back in with our alt-10 run of Ulduar. We had cleared all the fist 2 “wings” and Thorim. So, Hodir was next and we got him down in one try.  It was close thought! Then Freya. She caused us issues for a while. A bunch of wipes later it seemed everyone had a handle on the fight and we got her to Phase 2 (finally) and she went down.. I had brought Fimlys in but nothing really dropped for him. He was doing a little better than it used to be in DPS due to some upgrades I got recently.

So, anyway. That’s what’s been going on.  Tonight? I am not really sure. My Paladin is 71 and moving pretty well. There might be a raid scheduled, but I didn’t see anything in the calendar. I’ll talk to you all tomorrow!

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