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July 2009
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8 Ball, Corner Pocket

Two things to talk about. 8 manning Naxx10.. And a really good 25man Ulduar run!

8 Manning Naxx 10

This weekend we were going to continue our alt 10man Ulduar run. Unfortunately, it was July 4th and that made finding people to join us difficult. So, what we did was decided to go try to get the achievement by 8-manning Naxx 10. It took us a while to get started because we kept having to switch out people who ended up being saved already. We were 2 healing/2 tanking the place. We had plenty of DPS and everything else to be successful. We went into Spider wing and took out the first boss easily. Second boss there, we wipe.. We were just burning the adds down and then her given our “uber” dps. But.. What happened?  Turns out that one of the healers thought he was supposed to be DPS. So we really only had 1 healer up until then… (including the 1st boss which we cleared easily!) Anyway, the rest of the night went great and we eventually got the achievement.

25 Man Uduar “PUG”

Each week we try to suppliment our normal 10-man Ulduar raiding group with others and build it up to a 25man run.  In past weeks we’ve been having issues moving forward (not even getting Ignis down). This week everything just clicked. Yes, I died often, but we got bosses down.. We finished the first 2 section of Ulduar which is a LOT farther than I had made it in 25 Ulduar already. Again, no loot for me, but not because it didn’t drop.. I didn’t get loot because my dice suck. 😛

Tonight might just be a quiet night. I don’t think there are any plans right now. I could use a quiet night sometimes.. :)  Later!

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