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July 2009
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Burn ‘em Down

Last night we did something a little different.. Almost .. “old school”.. Ok, well, if OS could be considered old school.. 😛

We went into OS 10 in our semi-pug and tried to do Sarth+3.. In a little different way.. We came in with 8 dps, 1 healer and 1 tank and tried to burn him down.. And we almost succeeded. 9%.. Once of the tries we got him to 9%. After being unable to do that we decided to try 2up and do it more of the normal way.. Well, that didn’t work out so well. So then 1 up.. Yeah, 1 up we could do.  Anyway, I think with just a little more gear from the Ulduar runs we could really do it without too much of a problem (the burning him down thing).

On a side note, I also got “dragged” through a couple of Heroics on my Mage.  I say dragged because I was only doing around 1200dps on the first few, but I got better!  I picked up a few drops including an epic belt from Heroic UP. I dual-specced a while ago and picked up FrostFire.. Still not completely certain what I am doing. I’ll have to spend some time on the web looking for which button to use when. 😀

Tonight I think we might be trying out hand at continuing the Ulduar run from tuesday. We still have Mimiron (sp?) and then General and Yogg.. We haven’t downed any of those, but I think this might be the week ol, “M” goes down!  Have a good weekend and don’t forget the Twisted Nether LIVE Round Table tomorrow (Friday, Jul 4, 2009) afternoon at 3pm Eastern.

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