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June 2009
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Fried (Laser) Chicken

Two days, two raids, no loot. Tuesday night was our 1/2 guild Ulduar 10 run. We got through FL, Razorscale, Ignis, XT, IC, Kologarn, Thorim, Hodir and Freya that night.. (FL was on 2 towers up others were on “easy” mode)  I think we did pretty well.. But, of course, absolutely nothing dropped for Fyra.  The one thing that was remotely an upgrade for me (and not mail, plate or AP leather) I got outrolled on. Not that I didn’t have fun.  I had a blast. The group is really good and lots of fun, but it is difficult to increase my DPS when I am unable to pick up any upgrades.

Wednesday night we did 25.. Things didn’t go as swimmingly. We don’t have a regular group for the 25.  We didn’t really have much problem with FL, but then again we did easy mode. I died in the first 5 seconds as I was, unfortunately, incorrectly shot up on to the tank.. Well, specifically, they missed… It was nice and relaxing though. Moving on to Razorscale.  This fight went well in general. We pushed REALLY close (like 10 sec) to the enrage timer, but we still got it down. Ignis was our bane of the night. We just couldn’t get him down. Constantly getting to about 35% or so and failing. We even stopped and went to do XT and come back.  In the end though, he was just too much for our group and we gave up vowing to be back on Sunday! Wish us lucK!

Not sure what is going on tonight. I have company in from out of town starting tonight until Sunday, so my play time will be a bit more restricted. Maybe I’ll finally get my mage into some heroics or 10man naxx or something :)  Later!