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June 2009
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To Catch a Falling Torch

Ah, Midsummer is here. Again a holiday rears it’s head and the servers get all crowded.  Instances can’t be launched because everyone is in Slave Pens trying to kill the seasonal boss. It’s great. I have to say that using the bonfires for extra XP on my non-80’s is a tempting idea. Not sure I want to ride around (or even fly around) all over the place to do it. But I probably will. Besides screwing around with the Festival, I continued to do quests on my Mage (for profit and achievement) and I spent my 1k gold on dual speccing him too. I used a Frost-Fire build as the second spec for now. I bummed it off one of our raiding mages in the guild.

I even pulled out Fimlys on Monday night to join in a 25man Naxx PUG. We did great through the plague wing, but then everything fell apart as we tried to do Military.  I did pick up a much needed ring upgrade off of Noth. Other than that, it’s been pretty quiet. I was away for the weekend for Father’s Day (hope all you dads had a good one) so there was much less WoW playing than usual.

Since we’ve been pretty much playing things by ear recently, I really have no idea what we are doing tonight. So, I suppose you will find out tomorrow (or the next day).. :P

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