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June 2009
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The Full Naxxy

Two days ago… Well, more like nights.. Um.. On Wednesday night I joined up with a 25-man Naxx run. It was being headed by the usual RL that’s been putting together the recent semi-pugs we’ve been running. A bunch of other guildies were invited too. It was requested that I bring my Priest in to help heal, so Fhuun got the call from to bullpen!

We headed in and, I have to say, the pace was pretty, um, quick.  We did great, the priest tankage on Raz went ok even.  We lost some people along the way (as generally happens with pugs) and sooner or later it turned out we had TOO many healers.. So, I volunteered to switch to my Shadow spec and start DPSing.  Now, I’ll be the first to say that my shadow spec/gear needs some work.. Lots of work.. However, Fhuun became my first toon to ever finish Naxx25.. Who woulda thunk?

Anyway, the next day (last night) was an Ulduar 10 run that seems to be becoming standardized too. Other than some issues with FL (we did 2 towers up) we smashed through the first wing with no troubles and then onto Kologarn and Auriya ( ok.. if I misspelled her I’m sorry, I am just too lazy to look it up every time and my memory, it is not so good ). At that point I had to head out as we were getting ready to interview Veronica Belmont as the Twisted Nether Guest of the Week for the upcoming ep 49.

That’s about it.. Tonight is the continuation of that Ulduar10 run as long as they didn’t complete it last night .. 😛 Hope everything is going great and I’ll talk at you tomorrow.

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