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May 2009
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Getting BGetter

Last night.. I had a choice.. And.. I’ll get to that in a sec. 😛 (muahahaha)…

First up.  I spent some of the pre-raid time leveling Fizz more.. When I switched over to Fyra he was 80% on his way to 77 (OMG!).. I switched to Fyra for a 25man raid. We ended up with 16 people… or maybe 17.. We did OS first, just to see if anyone else would show up (which didn’t happen). He wiped the floor with him.. Of course, we didn’t try any drakes up, but we were pretty anemic with players..

Then we decided (after much silent debate) that we would TRY the spider wing in Naxx but if we wiped once (even on trash) we were done ..  First boss.  Easy, if long.  Second boss.. “Um, did [Insert Name of One of the Ret Pallys Here] DC on purpose?? Anyone see anything?" .. Ok.. Down one dps.. Second boss down as if we knew what we were doing!  “Um, guys? I need to go.  My sister is having twins…. NOW!”, says one of the hunters.. Ok.. Down 2 DPS.. Well.. Lets give Maxx a try, eh? It was what I like to call a LOOOONG fight.. But, while we did lose the MT to the frenzy, another tank picked up the boss and we took it down!  Obviously we are better than we thought 😛

WoWScrnShot_052609_000219 Ok.. so the choice.. The choice was.. Do I level the Mage to try to get to 77 before stopping for the night (easily doable, i think) or… do I respond to Kezz’s “PvP?” request in the affirmative?  Well.. Yeah.. I picked BG.. Not that I particularly like BG’s in and of themselves, but it is fun with Pil and Kezz.. We couldn’t manage to win a WG still, but we did take an AB win (my first on Fyra.. WOOT!).. So, yeah.. I’m getting better at this PvP thing.. Still no gear (other than the trinket) but I’m remembering what all these buttons do! (and that I have cyclone) 

Ok.. Tonight MIGHT be a continuation of the Heroic Naxx run.. Or.. It might be something else.. I suppose you’ll just have to wait until tomorrow to find out!

Oh! Speaking of Battlegrounds.. Are there any addons that you guys can suggest for BGs?  I don’t think I have anything specific to BGs installed right now.. Suggestions please!