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May 2009
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The Devils Have Us

A couple of things happened this weekend. I spent a little time creating a new Death Knight on Kael’Thas to hang out with the folks of the Sidhe Devils, Big Bear Butt Blogger & Company’s guild. A few other bloggers (read … A BUNCH) are participating in the shenanigans over there and I thought I would stick my nose in..

After hanging out for a bit, I decided to move my Warlock, Fellmara, over there since she is already 61 and also has some cash and bags… So, I did the transfer thing and now she is an official Sidhe Devil too.. It’s all so very exciting.. 😉

Between all that, I assisted with a final wing and sapph kill on Fimlys. We didn’t end up getting K’T down, but I guess that is the way it goes.  I also spent time leveling up the Mage, WoWScrnShot_050309_165223 Fizz, some more.  He’s over in Borean Tundra now and made it to 72 last night!  I had a bit of a bug where I had all my talents assigned, but it showed none assigned and none available.. Bleh.. I ended up being lazy and just buying a respec at 5g to clear the issue.. If it happens again, I’m opening a ticket.. Thought they had fixed all those hiccups (he doesn’t even HAVE dual specs).

Tonight, I really don’t know what is going on. I wasn’t on all that late last night, so I didn’t get to see if anything was posted.  I supposed I’ll find out when I log in. Oh! And the Twisted Nether Blogcast Episode 42 round table.. All about 3.1 is out! Go listen!