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April 2009
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Lappin the Watch

I am weak.. Mage needs polymorph, I thought.. So, how hard could it be? I’ll give it a little try and we’ll see if we can get.. WHAT?!? 100 Chocolates? That means I need to open > 100 eggs!  That will take forever!..   Well, I don’t have all that much to do while waiting for our Raid to start.. Ok…

Yes.. I did.. I ran around in circles in Azure Watch and collected eggs.. LOTS of eggs.  I needed 10 for the initial chocolate turn in .. 20 for the shells turn in (10 of those are the same as the chocolate). Then I kept going and going and going.. I ran around as a little bunny collecting eggs. Then we were called to raid. That was 30 minutes after starting.. I had finished those 2 quests and had about 33 or so chocolates and a bunch of other stuff that had dropped from eggs.

Squabbit_043009_002226 We worked more on our Naxx10 run from the day before and I got to bring Fimlys again.. I picked up something, but it was more of a sidegrade that we were going to Disenchant anyway. We got the rest of the Plague quarter down and also cleared the Military. Called it after the 4 horsemen and I went back to my egg picking..

And 30 minutes later? I had finished getting my polymorph and had received or purchased all the items you can get from that vendor (got the achievement for the 2 tux pieces from eggs) including the other 100 chocolate item, the pet (got from an egg.. woot!). I haven’t done all the other achievements, but I have all the goodies .. 😛

Cute_042909_211816 Tonight? I dunno. Maybe we’ll finish Naxx10.  I would prefer to do Ulduar (I think I said that already), but we are doing a good job gearing up a Resto Shaman alt.  This is a good thing as we do not have a lot of them in the guild (actually I think only 1 more that is level 80) and could use one that is a regular raider (which he is).  Woot! Ok.. Back to running in circles…

Oh! Tonight! Twisted Nether is having a LIVE blogger roundtable (If today is April 30, 2009 anyway).  go to http://www.twistednether.net/Live to participate at 9:30pm Pacific US time. Additional info is available at http://www.twistednether.net

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