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April 2009
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Can’t Kill the Cows

I’ve heard of this thing.. This “Outside” that some speak of… It has trees and grass and such.. They say it is just like Elwynn.. But.. They don’t let you kill the Cows.. Well, and there just might be less Bandits.. And quite a few less Gnolls.. I try not to think about that place very much.. The big light in the sky.. it BURRRRRNS USSSSSS….

Anyway! Far, far away from the real world, there lives a Druid named Fyra. And this Fyra went on a little raid last night into a 25-man OS.  Of course, we only had about 20 people, but, in the end, there were too many commas… Oh wait.. no.. We got the place cleared (no drakes up) and she won the “loot bag”.. Yay for lots of emblems and gold.

Satchel_042809_221904 We then went into Naxx10 (I don’t know why we didn’t go into Ulduar 10.. I didn’t ask).  I brought Fimlys and since everyone else was an alt or lower geared than him, he topped the damage meters.. In a BM spec.. I was pretty happy with that, so I think I’ll keep him.. What do you think? Should I?  We got though the Spider wing and killed Noth. But then, it was time to go.

I’m hoping tonight we can try to do 25 man Ulduar or maybe a 10 man.. Just getting experience in those fights would be a good idea I think.. The 10 man does net you gear on the naxx-25 level.  That makes me happy .. 😛 Anyway.. That’s all I got today.. Just remember.. They don’t let you kill the cows…

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