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April 2009
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We’ve Been ‘Round

Oh yeah.. Mythos, my home in WoW, turned 4 years old today! I just can’t really believe that it’s been around so long.. And then again, I think, it’s only been 4 years? I took a bit of a hiatus prior to the guild getting into raiding in “classic” WoW, but got back in when TBC came out and haven’t taken much of a break since.

I am and have always been happy in the guild. We may have issues. We may have a little drama here and there, but these people are the reason I log in. The reason I haven’t leveled a horde toon past ~22.  I can play the game somewhere else, with someone else, but it just doesn’t give me the same feeling of being… Home

I just want to say to all my Mythos brethren that it’s been a great 4 years and lets make the next 4 even better!

Fimlys_042309_223446 On the “what I did last night” front… We put together a 10 man Naxx run and I got to bring Fimlys (oh my!).  BM DPS did pick up to be pretty competitive again, which I am happy about. It took some getting used to the layout and the buttons again, but I did it.  It was a lot of fun and we got a couple wings down without too much hassle. I even picked up a pair of boots from Noth but I am too lazy to link them.. 😛

I will not be wow-ing tonight or tomorrow night, but if I have something to talk about Monday, you’ll be the first to know.. Well, maybe the second.. third?  Definitely the fourth.. I promise!

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