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April 2009
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Less is .. Less

Sign up was for Ulduar. We were ready to rock it.  But at 18 peeps (or so) it was just not in the cards.  What did we do instead?  We went to OS and Naxx.  I hear you, “but.. but.. ULDUAR!”.. If you haven’t been following, we haven’t been able to down K’T on 25man.. Pretty sure we aren’t all that ready for 25man Naxx anyway even with 25, so better we try to get the bits of gear that we can glean from 25 Naxx to improve those that need it.  I know my druid still needs the 7.5 helmet.

OS went pretty quickly and easily.  Didn’t do any drakes, but those who didn’t already have it got the "Less is More” achievement. (Congrats guys).. Moving on to Naxx, we got the first boss down in spider well enough (we had lost a healer but gained a warlock…). Then we got to the Grand Widow.. Blech.. What should have been a pretty simple fight.. wasn’t.. So, we wiped a few times and, of course, on the “this is the last try guys” fight, we got her down. So, a few peeps got some gear, which is good and it went okay.  Lots of delays here and there, hopefully we can improve on that in the future.

Oh.. And I worked on my little mage a bit… (That’s what the screenshot is from.. )

Now to the IMPORTANT STUFF! Tonight 4/23/2009, Graylo from Gray Matter will be interviewed LIVE on the Twisted Nether Blogcast. You can find the important info here. Interview is at 9:30PM pacific time. That is 12:30am eastern and, um, really really late in EU, etc.. We hope to see you all in the live chat room though! If I can find a loot card lying around and we get more than 40 people in the chat room, I’ll try to give it away!

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