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April 2009
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Ulduar 10-Man 10-Wipe

Oops, I missed a day.. The actual day after the patch! So, I was lucky enough that the Draenor server came up around my normal login time. I had already updated a bunch of addons, so things actually went well! After a few hours of everyone getting their dual-spec/respecs done, we got a 10-man group together to assault Ulduar. We obviously had no idea what we were doing, but we managed to get the 1st boss down with just 4 wipes.. Then we proceeded to wipe on the bugged out trash near the XT-002.   Bah! We gave up at about 2am my time!!

Last night we went back.. My druid was un-talented again (some bug with an extra point was fixed.. boooo!) so I used talented to respec (yay for saved templates) and we headed back into Ulduar.. Well, we tried.. It seemed that the instance server (for EVERY INSTANCE) was down. So we sat around for an hour until it finally was ready.  We ran back to the XT boss and proceeded to get pwned again and again.. Just… bad… I think we ended up with at least 10 wipes on that boss so far.

FyraTree_041409_205836 We were all getting frustrated, so we decided to try the Dragon optional boss.. 2 wipes in quick succession and we decided to try the other optional boss… Didn’t even get to him. We wiped twice or three times on the 2 trash mobs and called it a night.

For the XT fight, I actually ended up using my off-spec resto build and trying to heal.  We only had 2 healers in the group the night before also, but this guy does so much damage during the earthquake phase that they asked if I minded.. So, having no idea what I was doing, I was healing with my druid.. wow…

So, tonight will probably be a continuation of something.. I think, actually, that we need to head back into Naxx on 25s a few more weeks to gear up a bit more.. Ah well, who knows.. later all!

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