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April 2009
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Patch Day Fu – Ulduar Edition

Hey there peeples. 😛 Yes, today is patch day! Yes, Ulduar has arrived. Yes, I can’t think of anything else that is yes… Well! Are we excited?  I think I should update the Poll.. Ulduar-Style. Anyway, I posted some stuff about 3.1 that excited me previously and I think it is all going to be in the patch today. This was all pretty much profession stuff, but is exciting to me anyway.

Don’t forget to update your addons! There is a new version of Talented out which includes changes to make it compatible with dual-specs and 3.1. It also adds a bunch of other features that seem pretty cool.. Go check it out if you are interested in a good Talent template addon.

TheTeam_041309_221119 Last night was Paladin night.. I logged in and joined up with my 2 DK cohorts to rampage (and I mean RAMPAGE!) through Nagrand. Furis hit 68 and now I’m just waiting for the DKs to get there so we can move to Northrend.  We’re skipping trying to level 68-70 in Outland due to the large increase in XP obtained from quests in Northrend. I did the same on my mage and he is now 70 1/2+ just from the Fjord (and I still have about 1/4 of the zone quests left I think…)

Tonight, I think, we are supposed to do a 25 man raid.. Will we do Ulduar? Will we go back to Naxx?  We still never beat K’T in 25-man Naxx.. It’s the only boss we were unable to kill there.. We haven’t even attempted 25-man Maly.. We could, finally, but we haven’t. I guess I’ll let you know tomorrow!