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March 2009
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I’ve Got an Alt-itude

This weekend was spent on Alt Runs.. Well, that and leveling my Mage.. I don’t THINK I told you all (unless you follow me on twitter), but my mage, Fizz, dinged 70 this weekend! Very exciting. I now have 3 80s, 2 70s, a 67 and some 61s & 60s. Given how quick and easy it was to level to 70 ( I think I was still in Nagrand when I dinged.. Never touched BEM, Netherstorm or Shadowmoon) I might just go ahead and level the rest of them..

Fhuun was the focus in the non-leveling times.  We got an Alt-run 10 man Naxx going. In actuality, not all the peeps were alts. Our two tanks were not and one of our healers, etc. We did pretty well. Lots of the gear was getting sharded still, but we were moving. Got the first two wings (Spider, Plague) down the first night and then the Military the next (we hadn’t done the military with this group yet).

Fizz_032809_170943 We had a not a few deaths on each of the bosses in there, but in the end we were able to work it out.

In other news, BRK has decided to take a brake (possibly indefinite) from WoW and blogging and all that jazz.. I am sure he will be missed in the community. His wit and determination inspired many a blogger and hunter. As I am writing this there are 301 comments! I’m sure when you read this, there will be more..

Additionally, I’d like to give a plug to a new site conceived by Matticus from World of Matticus. It is NoStockUI, a blog about World of Warcraft UI mods. So far he’s got some great writers doing reviews and howtos! Check it out!

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