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March 2009
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Your Mage Did What?

Yes, I know I was linked to in a meme-award-honesty-link-thingy. We’ll just have to see when I have time to concoct a reasonable post for that (sans re-linking, since everyone I would do so to has been “done”)…

On to the real story here. Well, actually, before I get to that… Last night we did get back into Naxx-25 with about 22 peeps. We headed into the Military wing and, amazing enough, one shot Raz (our second successful attempt at him in 25s.). Moving onward we made our first attempt (ever) of Gothik. After a few wipes we finally got him down. It wasn’t pretty, but we did it.

Gothik_032509_220359 I was Master Looter last night and I almost choked when I went to loot the boss.. For the THIRD time in this week’s Naxx.. Dying Curse dropped! And I FINALLY won it.. Of course, nobody else wanted it.. But that doesn’t matter! So my +hit is finally up to snuff and I can actually swap around some gems and such when I feel like it. Yay!

Ok, so we then made our way to the 4 horsemen.. All I have to say is blech.. The biggest issue we had was that neither of the tanks in back had ever done this on 25.. Oh wait.. Very few, if any, of us had.. Well, the front stuff is pretty much the same (other than the one time our priest and mage got kaboomed about 1/2 sec into the fight by a meteor)… So, we had a few wipes, we got the 2 in the front down pretty easily once and then moved to the back…

Zoom_032509_204537 Oh.. Guess what.. Don’t stand too close to each other on that guy in the back (not B-lady).. Whatshisname… He Bows U Up Good! So we lost all of our melee and a few ranged dps in one fell swoop. Ended up with not enough of anything to get them down and so we failed.. Final try was that priest/mage blowup and then it just all fell apart.. We have a signup for tonight and if we get the peeps, we might try again.

So, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.. What? What mage? OOOH! My mage? The title? What’s wrong with the title? Oh.. I am supposed to talk about my mage.. Well.. Um.. Did I tell you he is in Northrend? Oh.. I did.. Um… Did I tell you he is having a great time? I did? .. Um.. Did I tell you he is level … 69!!!!!! WOOT! 69 BABY! Ok.. that’s all I gotta say..