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March 2009
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Unarmed: The Strike of the Wraith

Before I regale you with my stories of deeds done, I want to say thank you to all the “little” people that made this “award” possible. I’ll do my required post for said reward either later today or tomorrow or sometime.. (I’m a procrastinator.. one of my 10 things)…

But, today I must say I am a happy camper. We did “25 man” OS+1 and 2 wings of Naxx last night. Things went really well. We one-shot OS+1 and even had very little issues with too many people dying too quickly in “The Dance” in Naxx. The highlight of the evening was, though Maxxena.. Max goes down.. I roll up and click on the boss to retrieve my emblem of uselessness and what do I see lying wondrously in the loot box??? Wraith Strike!!! Hoooray! I gave it up the first time it dropped (first time getting Max down in 25man) and have been waiting patiently (yeah right) ever since.

So, anyway.. The +hit trinket also dropped off of Max but I didn’t have enough Priority after taking the weapon to get it. Then it dropped again from Heigan and I lost there to another Druid.  Ah well, Fyra will just have to wait .. 🙂

WoWScrnShot_032409_200936 Tonight should be the continuation of Naxx25 if we can get the peeps. Into the Military and then Construct quarters I believe. Hopefully we will do well. Gotta run! I’ll possibly be back with another post later today or at least tomorrow..

Oh! A Fizz update! He has make it to Northrend.. Look out Lich King!! My mage finally hit 68 last night before the raid and headed out to Howling Fjord. He is already 1/2 way to 69. It’s amazing how much faster 68/69 will go, I think, in Northrend.  Anyway, I’m still having fun playing him.. Hopefully it will last.