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March 2009
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I Wanna Raz U Up

Amazingly enough, we got the peeps we need to head into Heroic Naxx again last night. To be honest, we did NOT have 25 (nor did we have 25 for the whole evening).  I think we started with 21 and stayed around that amount for the whole night (I think 22 was our max.. ).

We headed down the Plague wing and actually had no difficulty at all even with one less healer. Having only taken one piece of loot since the EPGP loot system was started, me and one of the Warriors had the highest Priority Ratio, so when the tier shoulder token dropped (2 of em!!), I snatched one up.

Next up, we decided to go for Raz..  We had 3 priests in the group (1 Shadow, 2 Holy) but needed at least one of the Holy ones to heal so the other and the shadow gave it a shot MC Tanking him.  Lets just say they needed a little practice.  There were many.. many.. many.. wipes. In the end, we brought in ANOTHER shadow priest and 3 tanked the boss, finally getting him down. We were all excited since that was a guild first, 25man Raz..

Raz_031809_235421 Raid was called at that point given the time and I went off and did some crafting for a guildie and then some farming. (Oh, and to get the enchant for my shoulders).

Prior to the raid, I logged in with Fizz again (my mage) and got him another 1/3 of a level or so (or maybe more) in about 1 hour. Just running around Terokkar and completing quests (the buff was nice too). I think tonight we are going to be heading into Naxx in 10 man trying to get some people who need it some gear from there. Probably won’t bring Fyra.. Was thinking either Fimlys or Fhuun depending on if we need healers..

Well, I’ll talk to you tomorrow!

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