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March 2009
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The Lemma Approacheth

I didn’t play much this weekend because I was out of town. I did get on Friday night and join the guild in a few “older” raids.  We 10-manned Mount Hyjal and tried to get Kael down in TK. We were successful in MH, not so much in TK.  We mainly just ran out of time. Most people in the group (and in the guild) have never seen this version of Kael (just the one in MagT). So, we had to learn the fight before we could be successful. We just didn’t have the time.

I had to skip Saturday and then I was back at my house Sunday night with enough time left to level my Pally to 64! So, you ask, what does this have to do with some Lemma?  Well, the lemma I am talking about is a dilemma.

I had talked earlier, I think, about having to figure out which toon I would level from 65-70 and then which from 70-80… My mage is still 65 (although getting closeer to 66) and my rogue is 70. The Pally is 64 now and I’m sure the next time we level, he’ll hit 65.. So.. What do I do?  Do I:

  1. Level the Paladin to 80
  2. Level the Paladin to 65 and then switch to the Mage and then the Rogue (at 70)
  3. Level the Paladin to 70 and then switch to the Rogue
  4. Level the Paladin to 65 and dualbox the Mage and him to 70 and then to 80
  5. Level the Paladin to 65 and then switch to the Mage to 80

There are more, but I’ll stop with the ones that have me starting on the Pally. So, what do you think? One of the big considerations is professions. My mage is my Inscriber and Engineer. The Paladin is BS and Ench (not very high in either) and the last is my Rogue whom is a JC and Ench. I would love to level the Rogue so that I can more easily do the daily JC quests and get more mats for Ench while leveling.

I have a feeling I will be leveling the rogue with the rest of the group and trying to run solo on the Paladin.. I guess we’ll see what happens.

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