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March 2009
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Sound and the Furis

Once again, got a lot to talk about.. Well, maybe not so much. I’ll start with Friday though, and move on from there..

So, Friday was the second night of our 10 man Naxx run and we made it all the way to K’T. We gave him 2 tries and then had to give up for the night as people had to go. Prior to that, one of our tanks was having an issue that none of his special attacks worked… He tried removing all his addons and other stuff (which wasted an amazing amount of time). I had suggested somewhere in the middle of all this that he might have a stuck modifier key (Alt/Shift/Ctrl) and maybe he should bang on the keyboard a little to see if it would help. I also told him where to go to check the self-cast modifier and suggested he turn it off.. So, finally, after much ado with no result, he tried setting the self-cast modifier to none.. WHOA! It worked.. Sometimes I amaze even myself..

Anyway, Saturday and Sunday consisted primarily of leveling some alts.  On Saturday I hopped on my mage, Fizz,  for a bit to do some questing.  I finished up Zangarmarsh and headed into Terokkar. Got him much closer to 66, but then switched to my Paladin, Furis.  Why should I do that? Well, Pil and Kezz had rolled Death Knights and asked if I was interested in leveling with them when they hit outland. I hopped on the pally and got him all specced ret (he was unspecced previously, left that way since 3.0). I had no idea what I was doing.. The speccing part I got right, I think, but I was lost with all the different buttons.

FizzFuris_030809_232103 After a little while I figured it out and on Sunday near the end of our questing, he dinged 61. I went and picked up his Charger (yeah yeah, I didn’t do the quest) and then set about leveling his enchanting profession. Why? I dunno. Just bored maybe? He got to about 235 before I called it a night. At least he will be able to Disenchant most if not all of the BC greens. Oh, I forgot that on Sunday night we also took down K’T with the 10 man group. We wiped once, but the second time was spot on. I think people are getting sloppy.  Ah well..

Tonight? I have no idea.  We might get the 10 man back together and do OS and then probably go back to leveling the paladin. Later!

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