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March 2009
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Two Five Plus One

Well, again, I missed a day.. So, Monday I did some more heroics with the priest and picked up the Skirt of the Old Kingdom from the final boss in, you guessed it, Old Kingdom.  As a holy priest, he was actually not too bad.  During the insanity I just shielded myself, renew and ran away from everyone.. If anyone got close I ran back and popped fear. We took him down without anyone dying and it was the easiest time I’ve ever had with him.. Also got Staff of Sinister Claws which was an upgrade, amazingly enough from my 1H and OH.

Anyway, so Tuesday was our next foray into Naxx-25. Well, actually, we started with OS.. And.. Decided to try +1.. We actually got more than 25 people to sign up.. And.. More than 25 showed up! (we actually gave out standby points to someone!) So.. we wiped the first try on +1.. Got the drake down, but too many whelps were around.  (Oh we kept up Tenebron). Second attempt was all gold.  We got the drake down (although after 2 portals) and cleaned up the whelps and then got the Big one down.. 😛

WoWScrnShot_062908_234445 Stuff dropped. I didn’t get any. LOL.. I already have the T7.5 gloves, so no upgrade there. We then moved to Naxx and got the spider wing down pretty well. It still is taking us a while for the looting, but as the loot master gets used to his tools and everyone else pays attention, lol, we should be moving faster on that front too.

Plague wing was next and Noth was no problem at all. Moving on to Heigan we tried the all but melee dance in slow and everyone in fast strat and generally it worked, we got him down. However, many people were dying from the disease.. Including me… Twice… But he was dead and that is all that matters. Raid was called after that due to some people having to leave, but it was great having the numbers and talent to really get moving now.

Tonight will, hopefully, be a continuation of the Naxx25. Maybe we’ll even get Patch down.. Ooooh.. LOL.. Have a good one.

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