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February 2009
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A Noth Bites the Dust

Last night we attempted our first 25man raid with the new EPGP loot system. I have to say things went pretty smoothly both in bosses and in loot. We did OS25 first, 0 drakes up. If we had 25, we might have, but we only had 21. No problems with anything and our DPS was doing pretty well. 2 of the Druid, whomever glove tokens dropped and only 2 people asked for them.. Woot! Of course, my priority for later loot dropped, but that’s okay.

Next up, we moved to Naxx. We got another Elemental Shaman to join (a friend of a guildie) and other than some annoying wipes on the Grand Widow (I have no idea what was going wrong), we swept through the Spider wing pretty quickly. No good drops for me at all, but the emblems were nice anyway.. 🙂

After that we moved on to Noth.. Ugh.. He has been our nemesis previously in 25man, but this time we 1-shot him! It was pretty awesome and we only lost a couple of people during the whole fight. I have to commend the tanks for really stepping in and picking up those adds so efficiently and the healers for keeping alive anyone who happened to steal aggro. The DPS, of course, did a great job too, but we always do that (LOL)..

Max_022409_232124 That was the last boss for the night since some people had to get going. I think once we get used to the loot system and such, we’ll get better at this thing. We’ll hopefully go back into Naxx25 tonight if everyone shows up again.

Oh.. almost forgot that I got Fhuun up to 78 last night also. 2 more levels to go! Maybe next time we have a break from raiding I’ll suck a couple peeps into going into more instances. The quests give more XP, if I have them, but even if I don’t, I enjoy it more anyway.

Ok.. Gotta split! I’ll try to keep you informed!

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