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February 2009
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Instance Priestly

Heading back to the end of last week.. We finished up Naxx-10 pretty easily and neither the dagger nor the mace dropped (I would have taken either, although the mace would have been better). I did a bunch of heroics this weekend also on Fyra. She now has over 60 emblems.. Not all that much to do with them though .. 🙁

We did get another timed CoS run down though. We got to the boss with 2 minutes left!!! But we got him down before the timer expired. I wish it would turn to seconds as it gets below 1 minute.. We really didn’t know how much time we had left, but we managed to do it!

I’ve also been working on leveling the priest more. He is now closer to level 78 (about 2 bars now).  I ran 2 instances with him last night and that moved him up nicely.  I should be able to get to 78 easily when I get back on him.

WoWScrnShot_022209_161852 I’m considering moving to Sholazar to quest after that (or maybe FOR that). I like the quests there significantly more than the ones in Grizzly. In addition, I can probably get a lot more mining done wandering around there doing quests than I can in Grizzy.  I did some of the quests in Sholazar, namely the ones to open up the flight point, but still have plenty there to do. Either that or I’ll push and go start the Hodir unlocking questline.. Hmm.. choices, choices..

We had an officer meeting last night to discuss our implementation of EPGP. If you are in the guild go check out the post on the guild website to get the details. Mainly just talked about points and how they will get allocated. I think it is going to work pretty well for us. I guess we’ll just have to see. Tonight we are doing our first 25 man with EPGP in place. Maybe we can get enough to really do a dent in Naxx… 😛

Oh.. and on a sad note, Resto4Life is shutting its doors.  No new posts will be gracing it’s hallowed pages after a final post in March. We’ll miss you Phae! Good luck in the future in everything.

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