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February 2009
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Split 10s

So, for the last 2 nights, we’ve been doing Naxx-10. We didn’t get enough peeps on Wednesday night to go back to Naxx-25, so we had an impromptu Raid Leader meeting and split the available peeps up into two groups of 10. We aren’t, at this point, planning on running simultaneously, but we have them split as much as possible to allow for that in the future.

I was in the group for Wed-Thur+ and we did alright Wed until Grobbulus, where we had a lot of problems. It was getting to the ending time by then, so we called it a night with him still alive.

The next night we went back and, after many more wipes, finally got him down. Now, we have gotten him down before, it just was a string of unfortunate incidents all around. Gluth and Thaddius went down in one shot and we were on our way to the Military Quarter.

WoWScrnShot_021909_223921 Raz went down, the Live/Dead boss went down after a wipe due to a funny incident… So.. WARNING! WARNING!  Do not put vigilance on someone on the other side!!! WARNING! WARNING!  You will cause mobs to cross the gate and attack you.. The dead side Warrior tank put vigilance on the live side Mage.. Guess what??? We got mobs coming over to the dead side.. Whom we killed and then got them again on the dead side when they were dead.. BAH! In the end we were overwhelmed and failed. 

We also figured out something that makes the fight REALLY easy (especially for the live side).  Vigilance on the healer.. If you have a warrior tank (on either side) have them put their vigilance on the healer on their side (that is important.. See above!). Since healers are constantly causing aggro with their heals and tend to pull aggro immediately when these guys show up.. This gives move aggro to the tank and makes the fight a cakewalk, pretty much.

WoWScrnShot_021909_224251 So, we then moved onto the four horsemen.. I was the designated in-back partner for the pally healer.  We were doing pretty well until I got outside the bacon radius.. OMG! Have to stay near the bacon!! Anyway.. I died and the raid wiped.. Second try I remained glued to the bacon.. (eww…) and we got them down….

That was it for the raiding night. The daily was Heroic VH, so I put together a quick group and we pounded it out pretty quickly. Then it was time for bed..

Anyway… That was my last couple of days.. Tonight we are going to finish Naxx hopefully, but the second group gets going tonight and I can help on Fim if need be. Otherwise, we might just run some Heroics or do some questing.. Also, TNB #35 is up and available! Go listen!

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