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February 2009
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Smarty Pants

Did a lot this weekend in wow. A bit of Naxx10. A bit of Heroics. A bit of questing. Friday night I was invited into a Naxx10 run. We were starting to test out the EPGP system we will be using for 25s, so the run was mostly Officers. We passed around the loot master mantle for each boss so we could get used to the interface of EPGPLootMaster (awesome addon, btw).

We got the hang of it and tried out a few different settings, etc. I think we are generally happy with how it all works and while we might not use it in our next 25 (scheduled for Tuesday), I’m sure we will on the one after that. The biggest thing we have to do is have an officers meeting to discuss how all the numbers will work out (how EP for what, etc). We did pretty well on the Naxx10 run despite being distracted when it came to loot time.

Next day, Saturday, was Valentines Day (hope it was a good one) and so we didn’t have a raid. I did do a bunch of heroics with the crew though, and that was fun. Fyra still needs a good weapon.. Bah!

Fyra_021609_015345 Next up, Sunday, and the conclusion of the Naxx10 raid from Friday. We did pretty well on all the bosses and I ended up #1 on the damage meters, total. That was pretty exciting. I know it doesn’t mean all that much, but I’ve pushed to make her better and it’s nice seeing an improvement. I also got the Tier token for my Legs. They replace a pretty good pair right now, but generally they were an upgrade (other than a lot of haste).

Tonight.. I don’t know. Probably a bunch more heroics and/or officer meeting. I really don’t know.

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