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February 2009
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Munkin Monuts

Title today is brought to you care of the BA Chatroom and my incessant misspellings thereforwith. ( :* Rav )…

So, the events of last night… They began with a 10 man Malygos wipe-fest.. Amazingly enough, this ended with the Mythos first downing of Malygos-10 (well, either one..) .. Of course, I have the quest to down him on Fimlys, not Fyra… Bah! But.. Wait.. What’s that sparkly sparking sparkily in that sparkly gem? Could it be? Nah.. Can’t be.. I’m not that.. OMG IT IS!!! Footsteps of Malygos are MINE! MUAHAHAHAA.. *cough* *choke* *wheeze*.. Ugh.. ok.. well, yeah, I got em!

So… “Who wants to try OS with 1 Drake?” comes wafting over vent… So.. we all bundle up and race over to Wyrmrest temple to give it a shot.  We easily get the other 2 drakes down and all the trash and proceed to give it a go. Oh, the pain. We picked the one with the whelps.. Whelp.. Not so good. After wiping quite a few times, peeps had to get going and so we called it off until tonight. We’ll see how it goes.. Blech..

WoWScrnShot_021209_221248 After that, I lassoed a group together to take on Heroic CoS and the timed event thereunto. And so we proceeded to give the place a whippin’, finishing the event with about 4 minutes to spare. I passed on the mount… I just knew that I was not going to be using it. I like dragons, but not worth it.. :D  Anyway.. Karma is gold! What should then drop from the chest after Mal’ganis???!?!?  The Plague-Infected Bracers! It was my night!

So, anyway.. Good night for me. Tonight is going to be more 1 drake up I guess. I’d also like to head back into 10 man Naxx, but I’m not sure that is going to happen (maybe if we get the OS+1 done).. So, have a good weekend and don’t hog all the monuts!