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February 2009
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Sparkly McSpark

Well, after my last post, I go back to the useless crap you know and Luv.. Yes! Love is in the air.. Every where I look around.. Love is in the air.. In every guildie, every town.. OMG…

So, Tuesday night we managed to get a 25 man together (well, a 22) and took down OS and the first wing of Naxx.. We.. Just.. Can’t… Get.. Noth.. Down…  ARGGH!..  Anyway.. So, was fun anyway and I picked up a new chest piece to replace the blue cloth robe I was using. It isn’t the tier piece, but it is an upgrade nonetheless. Lots of other stuff dropped, but nothing was a huge upgrade and I let the other boomkin that was with us take most of it.

Last night we just couldn’t get enough people together to continue the 25. Many peeps were working on the achievements for the new holiday (ok.. officially hate these holiday things). So, instead, we got a group together and ran a couple heroics. I picked up new bracers (cloth!) from Heroic VH and then we ran over to heroic Nexus to see if I could snag at least the mace from the final boss (no luck there). 

I’m definitely starting to see that the best gear for a Balance Druid seems to be cloth gear.. 🙁 Boo.. Well, except for our tier gear. So, anyway. I have been keeping up pretty well with better geared folks in both 10 and 25 naxx, so I can’t complain too much.  A lot of that is knowing what to push when and paying attention to what is going on around you.

Tonight is unknown.. An enigma wrapped in a tortilla and lightly fried.. Yum..

Additional Note: Information about dual specs from Blizz.

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