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February 2009
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Violent Holdings

Yeah.. That’s a picture of failing at VH.. Actually we did it on purpose that time. We got the boss that has the adds you can only kill if you have a debuff.. We died.. Then we were rezzed and attacked by the respawning mobs that die when you start the instance. A couple of peeps left to repair and left 3 of us in there.. One talked to the woman to stop all the mobs from hitting us.. Uh oh… Door closes.. 2 are stranded outside.. (the tank and 1 healer).. Then the other healer hearths to get out.. Me (Boomkin) and rogue are left standing.  As the adds come and pile up in front of us banging on the door, I shadowmeld and he stealths. We wait for a while until they break through and we were able to get our comrades back.

We try again.. First mini-boss down.. Second mini-boss, same as it was last time (as it is supposed to be)… Not even a chance here either.  Not sure what is wrong, but the adds keep attacking the healers.. Thus, no heals. Bah!..

Prior to that run, I got on late and joined up with a 10man Naxx shortly thereafter. We did the spider wing without too much hassle and had to call it at that as it was getting late.

Not sure the plan for tonight, but I might be late again… Oh.. and after playing.. We have a LIVE Twisted Nether broadcast! just go to http://www.twistednether.net to see the details!