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February 2009
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Quizzers of OS

So, I missed a day (or so) of updates.. Sorry, I know you all hang in great anticipation of my .. eh, who am I kidding.. 😛

Ok.. so, Tuesday… (That’s where I left off, right?) We signed up for a 25man OS->Naxx run for Tuesday. A bunch of people were on at the right time and we were all waiting around near the OS entrance for the RL to login.  Hmm.. still waiting.. Finally the GM (one of the ones waiting around too) decided to get things going. He put together the team and we all went in. He hadn’t been around much, so he conscripted a bunch of the officers on the raid to help out with stragetizing. 😛

We got through it without much of a hitch (other than some trash incidents… but we don’t talk about those…) We then moved into Naxx and after a few attempts, got Anub’Rekhan down. Then it had to be called as it was actually getting “late” and people had to get going. Fyra did pick up the Wyrmrest Band from OS.

GrlInBubble_020409_213709 Last night we continued the Naxx25 run and successfully took down Grand Widow Faerlina (after 1 wipe).  We actually lived through the final frenzy because for some reason the add bugged and we couldn’t MC it.. Bah!  We also finished the Spider Wing and took out Maexxna. The MT died at the end of the fight, but one of the other tanks picked it up and we were successful.  I got the Cowl of the Perished and even though my old helm had gem slots, this one was still an upgrade.

Naxx25_020409 We moved onto Noth and again.. As with the last time, we just had issues.. I hear this is an easy fight.. You couldn’t convince me! I don’t know what our issue is, I’m not really able to pay attention to what the tanks are doing, etc.  I was concentrating on DPS and decursing.. We got all the curses until the very last attempt.  Somehow the lag got us and while it looked like we had got all the curses off in time, we were all infected. BAH! All in all, I did okay, considering I haven’t been gearing the druid up for very long.

WoWScrnShot_020409_220115 OOH! I forgot to tell you! Fhuun made it to 77! He can fly, he can fly, he can fly, he can fly.. And he can fly VERY FAST! ~6000 Gold later…. Cold Weather Flying? 1000g ! Super duper epix flying skill? 5000g! Cheapo (ish) Fast mount? 200g! Ability to swoop down and steal that ore node from you ninjas? Priceless! Ok.. fine, I don’t do that.. But I could! 😀

No idea what is going on tonight. I have family coming in from out of town, so I might end up being on late if at all. Have a good one everyone!

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