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January 2009
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Visual Artifacts

No, I’m not talking about any artifacts in WoW… I’m talking about visual artifacts on my screen.. Seems that my video card is deciding I need a bunch of red dots all over my screen and that I need it to show errors about my drivers and other stuff and, well, basically not let me use my desktop computer anymore.  At least, I’m hoping it is just the video card.

So.. Last night we were supposed to do 25 naxx.. I logged in with my laptop at around the right time (after messing with my desktop for almost an hour and then just copying my WTF and Addon folder over to the laptop) but there were not enough of us (not even 19!) to make a try for the second boss in the spider wing.

WoWScrnShot_011709_233847 So, instead, a 10 man was started up and we swept through the Spider wing pretty quickly and then went into the plague wing. We got through the dancing boss (“the Unclean”) and what shoud drop? That’s right, Tunic of the Lost Pack! My chestpiece!! Woot! I was the only hunter there (no Shaman either) and so I picked up my lootz and did a happydance.  We stopped there for the night and then I spent another 2 hours messing with my computer.. BAH!

I ordered a new video card today from Newegg and I should be getting it tomorrow.. Of course, that means I will be using my laptop again tonight. It was okay, I hooked up my keyboard and regular mouse to it and put it on my 24” screen .. I might just keep it on the laptop screen tonight.. Or.. maybe I should play out in the living room on the 56”… Hmm….