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January 2009
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Two and a Half

Yes! It’s true.. The rumors are all true.. I’ve.. got 2 level 80s! Fyra dinged 80 this last weekend. I spent the ton of gold for her level 80 skills and we did a bunch of instances. I think she only needs Utgarde Pinnacle and CoS to get all the non-heroic instances done at least once. Oculus was definitely interesting.. I think if we knew what we were doing we could have done it much faster.. Got the final boss down on the third try when we finally split up the DPS duties..

Additionally, this last weekend we DID indeed start the heroic raiding.. We went into OS with, at the final boss 19 people.. Whoa you say! “19 people, Fim!”.. Yep.. and we got him down too. Got the achievement for doing it with less than 21 also.. Didn’t have time to head into Naxx though at that point.

WoWScrnShot_011909_222758 Yesterday we went back into OS heroic after the patch (I’ll talk about that later) and finished it again.. This time with a few more people (I think we had 21) and it seemed easier.. We DID have time to head into Naxx though (We one-shot the OS boss) and we got the first Spider Wing boss down after a few wipes.

Ok.. back to the 3.0.8 patch.. Yes, it rolled out yesterday. Yes, I respecced Fim. Yes, I was nerfed, but I have to say that I wasn’t doing any worse than the other DPS when I could use all my tricks. In the boss in OS, my pet dies so quickly that I just keep him by myself.  This gimps me quite a bit. Of course, the MM hunter that was with us did about the same damage if not less even though he didn’t use his pet either. Eh, we’ll just have to see over time. WoWScrnShot_011709_233847 This was also in the 25s with full buffs. In 10s it might suffer more.  I do like getting to use Arcane Shot much more. I pop it every time it comes up and it seems to do a decent amount of damage ( I put points in Improved Arcane Shot in the MM tree.. ).

Also, last night, while we were dealing with the constant Northrend Server restarts, I got Fhuun to 75 (thus the “Half” part) and went and got HIS new spells, etc. Haven’t tried them out yet, but I’ll give it a shot at some point. Also spent some time after the raid doing tradeskill crap. Sending stuff around and gettin’ it done. I need a bunch of Elemental Waters for the Epic crafted leather stuff for my Boomkin so I’m doing transmutes. Also have to go farm some Fire Leaf for the AP Flask.. I think Fim might need some of those.. 🙂

So, tonight is the continuation of Naxx-25 if we get enough peeps.. We actually took down the first boss in Naxx-25 with 19 people last night (forgot to mention that) since a few had to leave after OS. That’s about it. Sorry for the delay in posting..