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January 2009
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Tired of the QueueQueue

Yeah. The queues are back. You’ll hear all about my conspiracy theory in episode 29 of TNB when I finally get it finished… Anyway, still wasn’t playing all that much Friday and Saturday (mainly profession grinding and leveling priest and druid). On Sunday however, I had a pretty productive night.

I got on early and did the cooking daily (as usual) on Fimlys. I have purchased all the recipes from the awards so now I am just stockpiling. I have a ton of the spices, so I am not going to buy those yet.. Maybe to sell on the AH.. Hmm.. That might be worth it.

Anyway.. I then logged over to Fhuun to get a few quests done. After Kezz logged in, she dragged my druid over to Borean Tundra to help with the quests over there (not that I needed help, but they went MUCH faster). WoWScrnShot_010309_021006 When Pil finally got through the queue, we picked up 2 more DPS and went to run through Azol’Narub (oooh, I think I spelled that right). We ran through it twice pretty quickly.  We had 2 75s (tank and healer) and a 73 (me, boomkin) and a 71 (another boomkin) and 70 (mage).  We did pretty well, only wiping on the 2nd boss the first time due to misplacement for the actual boss fight..

I didn’t get any usable loot, but I got a ton of experience. After that, we headed to do a few quests in Wintergarde and then I went back to BT to do a few more quests and finally ding 74! Ok.. WTF! I had to spend about 300g on new talents… Ok.. Maybe I haven’t gone back to pick them up for a few levels.. Whatever!

Mirror_010409_224441 Afterwards we had to record the “main” part of the TNB and when I got back on dinged 74 on Fhuun too! Haven’t traveled back to get his skills yet.. Need to do that. Once again considering respecing back to holy/disc or to just deep disc.. Bah.. Can’t decide. I really want those last 3 levels to 77 to go quickly… I need to get him into some instances too.. I think he’s only done UK and Nexus.

Anyway, I signed up for tonight’s finishing of Naxx (just the last 2 bosses left).  I haven’t been in a raid in a couple of weeks, so I don’t know that I will be invited. If not, I’ll work more on Fyra and/or Fhuun probably. Was thinking of going to do the Howling Fjord quests with Fhuun (since I leveled him initially at BT) but not sure I want to go back there already.. I’m ready to move forward! 😛

Later all!

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