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December 2008
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Clearing BT

No, Ratters, I didn’t solo-clear Black Temple on my level 72 shadow priest….

By BT I mean Borean Tundra… My priest finished up the achievement for # of quests in BT and also the D.E.H.T.A (I remembered! I think..) quest. Want to say thanks to the random Paladin who helped me kill Lane.. I probably could have done it myself, but it would have taken a little longer. Fhuun is still 72 but he is moving along nicely. I’m still shadow and still don’t know that I am killing things any quicker than I was when I was holy/disc.. There is obviously some more utility there, but I dunno what I am doing.

Anyway, I logged in and did the cooking daily on Fim (as usual) and then logged into Fhuun to quest. When Pil and Kezz logged in, we got on our leveling group (which includes Fyra) and worked on Howling Fjord quests. We got through everything except for the ones down by Kamagua (the Tuskaar village). We parked our toons over there and called it quits when it got late.

Worg_122408_001545 I went back and finished up the BT area with Fhuun and then took a hop to the Tuskaar village in Dragonblight. I also got a little tired and finally called it quits..

Note: It’s the last day to buy shirts from BRK I think… Don’t forget to get your order in! These are pretty awesome shirts and are in limited supply. Tell him Fimlys sent you and he’ll charge you 2x as much for shipping! LOL….

Note2: Matticus has a great list of Death Knight blogs up on his site. If you know of any others, let him know.. Hmm.. Need to check the tnb wiki to see if these are there…

For those of you that celebrate something at this time of year I just want to wish you a happy and healthy celebration and hope you all have a happy new year full of phat lootz!