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December 2008
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Chew(toy) on This

Weekend is over and it’s back to work.. Happy Hanukkah to my Jewish readers (today is the first day.. ). So.. what happened in the WoW this weekend?  Well, I suppose you want me to tell you, eh?

Mythos went back into Naxx and cleared the 4 wings!!!! Took us quite a few tries on a few bosses and we made it by the skin of our teeth (virtual teeth?) quite a few times (more than I care to remember).  There were some pretty fun fights once you got the hang of it and we did pretty awesome on Gluth once we figured it out (did I get teh ugly dogs name right?). 

Nax10_121908_231500We one shot the last boss in the construct wing. I would say that the fight was patterned after the dude in Mechanar, but didn’t this raid come first??? 😛 Anyway, so Friday we did that and then tried out the big frostwyrm a couple of times.  Only 1 tank had frost resist gear and nobody else in the raid had any.  So, we had a few problems (given that we aren’t one of those groups that is just walking though this place) and ended up calling it and postponing our victory until Monday (Whoa! That’s tonight).

WoWScrnShot_122108_233255The weekend was a no-raid weekend (finally, a break). I spent some time on Fhuun (and got him to 72) and some time on Fizz (my mage) and got him to 65 finally! I picked up Grand Master Inscription and now I can resume the level-up of inscription again. My professions are doing pretty well still. I need to get my herbalist up a few more levels so farming in some of the more dangerous zones isn’t so… dangerous..

Novos_122208_010314 I also spent time (and way too much money) crafting a couple of frost resist pieces for Fimlys and on Sunday night we ran a few (3 i think) heroics.  Part of that was an Heroic Violet Hold run at the end of which I picked up really nice pair of Gloves! Woot! Anyway, We finished 2 heroics that I hadn’t finished yet, Gun’drak and Drak’Tharon Keep. They weren’t horrible, but we wiped on the T-Rex too many times to count (tried to do the achievement a few times first).

Anyway, tonight we are supposed to go kill the frostwyrm and Kel’Thuzad supposedly. We’ll see how it goes! Later all.

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